Advanced Veterinary Diagnostics: Accurate Diagnosis Means Quicker, Targeted Treatment

woman holding beagle paw

It’s a frightening time when your pet is ill—and frustrating when the problem is not easy to diagnose. Community Pet Hospital’s in-house veterinary laboratory and advanced diagnostic technology give us rapid results and more immediate response time in treating sick or injured pets.

We offer the following diagnostic tools on site:

  • Digital X-rays—Digital X-rays are faster and easier to read than traditional radiographs. We use digital X-ray to check for broken bones, foreign objects, heart and lung issues, gastrointestinal concerns, and to diagnose tumors or masses. Digital X-rays also afford us the unique ability to capture a picture of the area of concern and include it in your pet’s file or send it on to a specialist for a second opinion.
  • Ultrasound—Ultrasound is a useful diagnostic tool for checking your pet’s organs for abnormalities, closer examination of tumors and masses, and for monitoring pregnancy.
  • In-house laboratory—It’s vitally important to get lab results as quickly as possible, since faster results mean faster treatment for your pet. Our in-house laboratory enables us to get same-day test results, many times before you even leave the office. Tests we can perform in our laboratory include:
    • Blood chemistry
    • Electrolytes
    • CBC
    • Thyroid, T4
    • Urinalysis
    • Fecal smears and parasitology
    • Ear cytology

Accurately diagnosing pet health problems allows us to begin treatment quickly, which offers you confidence and a greater peace of mind knowing we’re doing everything possible to treat your special pet.

Very friendly and professional personnel. We love this place, and our dogs do too! —~ Amanda Vallejo

Thank you for a commitment to Jovs health. You (as a group) are a bright star in what could be a dark night.’ —Charles Avery

We come here with all our animals because of the quality of care we receive, and the great prices. Great staff. —Jennifer Ellwood

Staff was very friendly and helpful. Our first visit has been awesome. The vet was very helpful and took time to talk and explain everything. Thank you. —Elizabeth

Always friendly, kind, and informative. Thank you! —Vicky Kelly

Dr. Christensen is always very thorough and kind to my pets. We appreciate her very much. She is a wonderful asset to the clinic. —Becky Goldman

I have come to love the staff and the new owners. These people truly care and love animals. I ’m thankful to find these people I’ve had such bad experiences from the other clinics around the area with such high prices. —April Veneigh

Our family pet, Griffey, receives unsurpassed, compassionate care at Community Pet Hospital! Thank you, Community Pet Hospital, for always being there for us humans and those very important animal members of our family. I love you guys!! —Karen Smith

Thank you to both Dr. Johnson and his wife Bonnie. Your compassion helped so much in our time of need. I will recommend you to everyone as you are so good and really care. —Cheryl Stone

The doctor and technician were so kind and gentle with my scardy cat. Thanks. —Margaret Krauss

I would heartily recommend your Community Pet Clinic to anyone who is looking for an excellent veterinarian. —Michael Jordan

By far the best Vet experience I’ve ever had. Everybody was just wonderful. —Courtney Bertrand

Excellent! They were very loving and went out of their way to treat my dog! —Deanna Nebert

5 STARS!! Great service and excellent receptionist! Sarah and Christine is who I worked with today. —Leroy Banks