Complete Wellness Care for Your Pets

cat with stethescope

Pet wellness checkups are one of the most important things you can do to ensure your pet stays healthy. We recommend you bring your pet in to see the veterinarians at Community Pet Hospital for a full-body, hands-on examination at least once a year.

With regular wellness examinations, we are able to evaluate your pet’s health and catch changes or physical concerns before they become critical problems. Prevention is key when it comes to illnesses your pet may face, and the earlier we catch the condition, the better the outcome will be.

A wellness visit at Community Pet Hospital may include any or all of the following, based on your pet’s individual needs:

  • A complete physical exam by a veterinarian
  • Pet vaccinations to keep your pet protected
  • Parasite prevention to keep both you and your pet safe
  • Heartworm check
  • Full pet dental exam and recommended cleaning, if needed
  • Lab tests as needed

As always, if you have any specific concerns, please do not hesitate to consult us during the exam. We are pleased to offer assistance with any questions you may have, including behavioral issues, nutritional issues, or flea and tick prevention. Pet wellness checks give us the opportunity to establish a baseline for your pet’s health, so we know what is normal and are able to accurately keep track of any changes your pet may experience.

We see wellness examinations as not only critically important to keep your pet healthy, but also as a means for us to improve our relationship with you and your pet. You are important to us—and a valued member of our Community Pet Hospital family. We appreciate the trust you put in our hospital and the opportunity to serve you.

Very friendly and professional personnel. We love this place, and our dogs do too! —~ Amanda Vallejo

Thank you for a commitment to Jovs health. You (as a group) are a bright star in what could be a dark night.’ —Charles Avery

We come here with all our animals because of the quality of care we receive, and the great prices. Great staff. —Jennifer Ellwood

Staff was very friendly and helpful. Our first visit has been awesome. The vet was very helpful and took time to talk and explain everything. Thank you. —Elizabeth

Always friendly, kind, and informative. Thank you! —Vicky Kelly

Dr. Christensen is always very thorough and kind to my pets. We appreciate her very much. She is a wonderful asset to the clinic. —Becky Goldman

I have come to love the staff and the new owners. These people truly care and love animals. I ’m thankful to find these people I’ve had such bad experiences from the other clinics around the area with such high prices. —April Veneigh

Our family pet, Griffey, receives unsurpassed, compassionate care at Community Pet Hospital! Thank you, Community Pet Hospital, for always being there for us humans and those very important animal members of our family. I love you guys!! —Karen Smith

Thank you to both Dr. Johnson and his wife Bonnie. Your compassion helped so much in our time of need. I will recommend you to everyone as you are so good and really care. —Cheryl Stone

The doctor and technician were so kind and gentle with my scardy cat. Thanks. —Margaret Krauss

I would heartily recommend your Community Pet Clinic to anyone who is looking for an excellent veterinarian. —Michael Jordan

By far the best Vet experience I’ve ever had. Everybody was just wonderful. —Courtney Bertrand

Excellent! They were very loving and went out of their way to treat my dog! —Deanna Nebert

5 STARS!! Great service and excellent receptionist! Sarah and Christine is who I worked with today. —Leroy Banks